Technology at the service of a building for all

According to data from a recent survey on the subject by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 4.38 million people are disabled in Spain. For everyone, technology is their best ally to live completely independently at home.

Advances in recent years have led to increased accessibility in homes. The law requires common areas of new construction buildings to be accessible. In places like elevators or doors, the Automatic It opens and closes them as people pass by. In common areas, Signage can be smart Thanks to accessible touchscreens or multi-format digital signage to facilitate visibility.

Within homes, improvements in accessibility have been evident over the years. Technology can be implemented in all rooms It makes life more bearable for people with disabilities. Voice assistants and gesture control make it easy for homeowners to interact with their surroundings and do things like turn on floor lamps without turning on wall outlets.

Mobile phones offer the opportunity to control various features within homes

Los Smart touch surfaces, whether placed on floors, walls or countertops and desks, allowing anyone to access information more conveniently. Approaching a home for the first time is synonymous with not knowing the gaps, so help Augmented reality To provide more information about each room, the new resident begins to feel them as their home.

All of these improvements can be implemented on a daily basis with a mobile device that provides information on access to certain areas within buildings and remote control of certain aspects of the property.


A major problem with implementing accessible technology in a home is its high cost. The plan is in place to ensure that any owner can access these improvements regardless of their economic status. State Plan for Housing 2022-2025, Provides assistance of up to 18,000 euros per house for severely disabled residents of a building. In addition, there are exemptions from income tax for adaptation works in the habitual residence.

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