Technology and support for SMEs at the core of Gijón Futuro

Technology and support for SMEs at the core of Gijón FuturoGiven to Lne

Gijón Impulsa is a project aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in the region, especially in Gijón. To do this, they have a project to promote digital transformation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jizan municipality. The activity of common interest for commercial and economic activities in the municipality is approached from the perspective of neutrality, specialization and roots, as a result of the agreement between the foundation of the Information and Communication Technology Center (CTIC), FADE and Gijón Impulse. in the territory.

The development of all actions aims to improve the generation of research, development and innovation activities, as well as the transfer of technology. Its aim is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies, promoting the exchange of knowledge between research agencies, companies and society, and creating a culture of innovation in the business environment.

Entry to the Gijon Knowledge Mile

The two editions already held have clarified the need to extend the activities of this digital transformation project to other economic activities mainly composed of small companies and with limited human resources teams. Working methods.

During its development, Gijón Transforma advised more than 200 companies from the strategic sectors included in the contract: industry, construction, agriculture, transport and tourism. These beneficiaries, primarily small businesses, small businesses and self-employed people in the city, were selected by FADE, who were prepared by CTIC experts with a business offer with a map to implement the necessary improvements and information and assistance to implement these proposed digital solutions.

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Undoubtedly, this project to promote digital transformation is essential to address the future of the Gijon industrial structure. Technology has a lot to say about the future and it will be strengthened with the expected expansion of the Kijan Science and Technology Park. And the Local Government Board approved in the middle of this week, initially, a special plan to expand the Knowledge Mile, opening the door to a new demarcation of action phases. Once completed, it will make it possible to begin planning for the future of the stacks without waiting for the University of Oviedo to change ownership yet. In addition, he notes that within the first phase, a total of six floors will be available: five of them will be designed for marketing for commercial purposes, and the sixth will house equipment.

Jijan Technology Park

The city council and community agents concluded last March the expansion and special role in the new social consultation contract „Gijón Futuro” for the period 2024-2027. An agreement covering 14 projects in the tourism sector, 21 projects in economic development, another 21 projects in employment and 18 projects in innovation is still pending „final drafting of texts and coordination of criteria”.

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