Technology and business travel: 3 technology trends to take into account

A recent report on trends in business travel pointed to personal assistants with artificial intelligence as one of the trends to follow.

In the past year, technologists in the travel industry and beyond have called on AI for the most profound change in our lives since the fire, the most disruptive event.

Although the travel industry is beginning to explore use cases, the study Globetrender Y Citric Easy by Amadeus Focuses on AI-enabled personal assistants and their potential to revolutionize self-booking travel.

Together with its partners Accenture and Microsoft, Amadeus is already working on AI use cases for its corporate travel products and services.

Other companies in the sector believe that AI will play an increasingly important role in expense management, another area where technology and business travel experts expect changes in the coming months.

The Globetrender-Cytric Easy report also highlighted the trend towards greater digitization of expense reports. The move to digital expenses „marks the end of an era dominated by the complex manual management of expense forms and the constant juggling of paper receipts. For many companies, this change is not just about improving procedures, but a fundamental review of how business transactions are recorded, processed and analyzed.

According to the same report, increasing digitization costs will also lead to personalization. Personalization is an area that many travel management companies will prioritize in 2024, and is a trend highlighted in a recent report by Festive Road and the Global Business Travel Review by Travel Agency Network and TMC The Advantage Travel Partnership.

At the Advantage Business Travel Symposium in London this month, a survey of the travel management public said personalization is a trend that believes it will have more influence on the travel management landscape than extended accommodation and the mix of business and leisure travel. .

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