Taylor Swift's tour is estimated to boost Japan's economy by $228 million


TOKYO — Cheap tickets may bring world travelers to the Tokyo Dome to see the Eras Tour, but it brings surplus funds to Japan.

A step Report on Economic Impact.NETTaylor Swift's mega concert will bring in $228 million (¥34.1 billion) domestically with $162.7 million (¥24.3 billion) going directly to Tokyo.

If consumers from all over Japan who come to the Tokyo Dome to see Taylor Swift are involved in sightseeing, „the ripple effect will be even greater,” said Mitsumasa Eto, the report's author and a part-time lecturer at Tokyo City University. Activities in addition to accommodation and transportation expenses.”

Swift has brought three world tours to the Tokyo Dome. He began his 1989 World Tour on May 5, 2015, and concluded his Fame Stadium Tour on November 21, 2018.

Inside the Tokyo Dome on Thursday, Swift said: „It's been a while since I've seen you. It's been over four years and I'm so excited to be back with you tonight on the Eras Tour. Thank you to everyone who made the journey.”

The arena sold 220,000 seats (55,000 each night) for the four nights of the Eras tour. Standard tickets range from $59 to $201 (¥8,800-¥30,000) and VIP packages from $354 to $823 (¥52,800-¥122,800), According to the Japanese Eras Tour website.

It's been four years

Zachary Travis, 31, bought a $1,300 ticket on StubHub.com to see the show. He booked a flight from Phoenix, but when he arrived in Japan on Wednesday morning, he received a call from a ticket resale site.

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„The seller on StubHub didn't send the ticket,” he said, „They wanted to hold on to it or they didn't have it. I was devastated, but I didn't accept defeat.”

Travis met a woman at his hotel who told him to go directly to the Eras Tour website because sometimes it updates with new tickets.

„Luckily they released more and I was able to get floor tickets to each of the four shows. All four nights I spent less money than I would have spent on one ticket from StubHub.”

Price tag: $804 (¥120,000).

„I actually spent a lot on merchandise, so thank God I brought a duffel so I could carry everything home,” he laughed.

Swift has four tour stops in the Asia-Pacific region, including Tokyo (four shows); Melbourne, Australia (three shows); Sydney, Australia (four shows) and Singapore (six shows). Fans from the area traveled to the Japanese capital. Three thousand fans came from China.

„I arrived here two days ago,” said Maxine Tan, who flew in from Manila, Philippines, with her mother. „It's totally worth it.”

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Dan said the price tag is not an issue because of the impact the singer has had on his life. Outside the stadium doors, Dan was excited to show off her sparkly green jacket, a replica of Swift's famous 2018 stadium tour coat.

„(Swift) was my childhood and adult hero,” Dan said. „I hope to meet her one day. I want to thank her for changing my life.

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