Tatiana Maslany calls Bob Iger 'out of touch' during actors' strike

Tatiana Maslany opened up about calling Bob Iger „out of touch” during the cast and writers strikes.

In a conversation with The IndependentThe She is the Hulk Star She explains how she feels when The Hollywood Reporter She asked him on the picket line what she thought of the Disney CEO saying that the unions' demands during the dual strikes were unrealistic.

At the time, Iger called on unions to „be realistic” in their demands and called the strikes „very disturbing,” which Maslany noted was „completely unrelated.”

„He's completely out of touch with the people who run his shows, the people who make people watch these shows, the viewers and the workers who bring him money,” Maslany said. “Having worked on a Disney show, I know where people crack and where people are taken advantage of, and the amount of wealth that isn't shared with the people who make the show is outrageous. It's the crew, the actors, the writers.

Reflecting on his comments, Maslany told the UK publication, “In those moments, you're really hot. It's hard to express yourself the way you want when you're on picket line with everyone.

He cited an example of actors trying to land a job, often tapping out auditions in their living rooms without booking paid gigs. The Orphan Black Star Olivia Colman echoed the sentiment Interview magazine April is about how Self-tape exams are „respectable” For actors.

„You send these tapes out into the void, you never get answers, you never get any feedback, and you work,” Maslany said. „You film yourself, you have to edit yourself, this is what makes you So Self-consciousness.”

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The actress went on a picket in New York City in July 2023, supporting actors and writers who were striking amid industry wage hikes. He shared that he has friends who have worked in the industry for decades and lost their health because the minimum wages were too low.

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