Solar Eclipse 2024 live updates and views of the complete path

The skies will darken for millions of Americans on Monday in 2024 Total solar eclipse It comes and works all over the country.

A A solar eclipse occurs When the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, it casts a shadow that blocks light from the Sun. The Sun disappears behind the Moon for a few minutes as it travels along a solar eclipse Its „Path of Perfection” Beginning on the Pacific coast of Mexico, it moves northeast through a dozen states from Texas to Maine and eastern Canada.

More than 31 million people live in the path of totality And many more There are flying or driving as a witness April 8 scene Outside the path of totality in person, are the rest of the continental United States Available to see A partial eclipse (If the sky is clear) as the Moon blocks part of the Sun. The next total solar eclipse in the United States will be decades away

CBS News' live coverage will bring a front-row view of the eclipse to your TV, phone or laptop.

Countdown to Total Solar Eclipse

The eclipse will first appear in the U.S. as a partial eclipse at 12:06 p.m. near Eagle Pass on the Texas border, and progress toward totality as the Moon covers more of the Sun. There the total solar eclipse begins at 1:27 PM CDT.

Here's how long it will take until the total solar eclipse begins in the US:

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