Skills Sharing and musician Dom McLennan’s team are launching a new series of classes in digital music production.

Don McLennan and capacity sharing for donation $30,000 In a scholarship fund to support aspiring creatives

New York, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Capacity sharing, the world’s largest online community for creators, today announced that musician, multi-disciplinary artist and Brockhampton Fellow Dom McLennan is launching a series of classes in digital music production. A three-part series”Digital Music Production: DAW Basics,””Making Music Like Pros: Learn to sample any sound„and”Music Maker in Production: Composing and arranging your track„Offers an inside look at the music production process and the world of digital audio workstations, or DAWs. DOM classes Now available exclusively on Skillshare with thousands of classes in various creative fields.

In Tom’s first class series, he provides an excellent primer on the power of DAWs for both beginners and experienced music producers. These classes provide hands-on experience for those who are ready to take their skills to the next level by creating more advanced tracks, while also providing a better understanding with step-by-step guides to creating a unique musical composition. How music works. Through a partnership with Skillshare and Dom and as part of a series of releases, $30,000 A 1-year skill sharing scholarship worth 100,000 will be donated to aspiring creatives.

Dom McLennan’s journey to becoming a composer and producer began like many other creative journeys: driven by passion and curiosity. Making beats with his younger cousin for fun led to a spot in the highly influential and successful hip-hop group Brockhampton, where he not only served as a recording artist in the group but also worked behind the scenes. Producer. Since then, Dom has focused on cultivating experiences that encompass all of his creative interests and ambitions as an independent artist. Dome’s first, post-Brockhampton release is set for late June.

„Music is a universal language that allows us to explore, discover, and be inspired. When I was given the opportunity to create this class, I was thrilled to be able to take a more ground-level approach to the idea. Making Music on Computers. Many teaching and educational courses related to making music with computers. So specific that it can be intimidating to even begin with, so my goal was to create a class that will get you comfortable with the idea and feel confident.In addition to starting your music-making journey, you’ll learn about the workings of digital music production, some essential vocabulary you’ll hear in any studio environment, and some that musicians can follow to achieve. „I’ll take you through the unspoken principles. Their goals,” said Dom. „Working with Skillshare on this has been an absolute dream. Their patience, willingness to produce classes from my home studio, and trust in me to bring in local musicians to contribute has been a privilege and a blessing. I could go on and on about how much this partnership means to me.”

„Dom has always been very intentional about charting a path forward for aspiring makers, and we always love working with creators who want to share their passions to help others develop new skills, making him a great addition to Skillshare’s author community,” he said. Alicia Hamilton-Morales, Senior Vice President of Content, Community and Brand at Skillshare. „Dom’s talent translates perfectly into this new 3-part class series, which brings an accessible lens to music production and is perfect for anyone diving in and starting their musical journey or improving their skills.”

In addition to Dom’s new classes, Skillshare offers thousands of classes in illustration, design, photography, and more, taught by industry leaders and working professionals. Members around the world love Skillshare to find inspiration, learn new skills, and put their skills to work the way they want. Members completed more in 2022 1.8 m Skill sharing classes are thorough. Skillshare’s extensive catalog includes recently released classes Joy So, Jacob Collier, Morgan Harper Nichols, Joe Andomore Even more.

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