Science and Technology is the theme to celebrate the VIII edition of 'De Polique du Radio en la Calle'.

  • The new version will feature six commercial radio stations and about forty school radio stations from all the islands.
  • Virtual reality, 3D printing, and terrestrial drones will be together these days as the word hits the streets.
  • Another objective of the meeting is to promote the presence of women in areas such as STEAM

project De Balik, your radio on the street Introducing its VIII Edition and VI of School Radios with selections from the world of science and technology. The topic will be addressed from all its dimensions, considering social changes that require tools to be aware of new scientific and technological developments and to see the role of women in these workplaces.

The project aims to create a close and personal connection between media through the magic of radio and citizens. At the same time, it aims to promote school radio programs that are being successfully developed in educational centers in the Canary Islands. This year six commercial radio stations and forty school radio stations from all islands will participate. „With the same enthusiasm as always, we will meet experts who bring us news, bring us cultural offerings and summarize day-to-day events. We will see the young promises of school radio presenting the work they have done during this course and sharing space with recognized experts who act as references in their day-to-day work, ” says David Mauricio, Product Director of Poster Events. Annual meeting.

After thanking the representatives of the companies present, Mauricio mentioned the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI), the Triana Chamber of Commerce, the Farrah Foundation and Telefónica „for their involvement in the project and for all the facilities they provide us”. .” Through the radios and during daytime workshops on Triana Street, she said, there will be room for virtual reality, 3D printing, new forms of radio language, and work on diversity, bullying and equality from school. radios. Remembering that, “above all, every year Like, we have to ask. Youth is equal parts big and difficult stage, always subject to doubt in the eyes of adults. Not knowing is doubting, not asking is not knowing.”

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Daniel Morales, General Director of the Youth Organization of the Government of the Canary Islands, is very satisfied to be able to participate in this edition for two reasons „because it is the first time as General Director of Youth and because of my career in communication and advertising. Delighted, „The Canary Islands government will continue to support, but in addition to this program dedicated to science and technology, I want mental health to be taken up. account. of youth”.

Mar Mendes, Regional Director of Education in Las Palmas, highlighted the importance of the participation of the 34 educational centers in the islands and the aim of school radio to develop linguistic skills and critical thinking. He emphasized the awards given by the Equality Department of the two prisms, the centers that created the most original project of these two methods „will be given to promote careers in science and technology, especially for girls, as well as to educate. Respect for equality and diversity.”

Quasimara Medina, Minister of Culture of the Capito of Gran Canaria, commented on how important it is to create this gathering in such a symbolic citizen space and that Calle Mayor becomes a party. However, she appealed to the need to control new technologies „as an educator and as a mother, to make people aware of the benefits, not forgetting the misuse of technologies and their consequences.” He highlighted the importance of media and its responsibility towards society.

Regarding science and technology, José Gilberto Moreno, director of the Elder Museum of Science, announced that the museum received fifty thousand visits in February, all from young people. Recognizing the importance of the museum in the city, he said research was being done on the use of technologies precisely because of those fears expressed by the council consultant. „A sample of about 8,000 young people was used with the aim of taking into account the importance of teaching and influencing the responsible use of technologies. Through this report, which will be published soon, Moreno highlighted that they confirmed that eight out of every ten minors have communicated with strangers through networks, „two of them face-to-face,” He concluded by thanking the chosen theme for this year's celebration of De Polic and giving more than 500 young participants the opportunity to get close to new applications.

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The Canary Islands Institute for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI) and the Ministry of Education work to promote and promote science and innovative culture in all the islands and in many forms, aiming at the diversity of the public. Try to break down the barriers that women still face, not forgetting the effort to make visible the female references of technology and science in the Canary Islands.

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