Science and Technology Clusters Ranking 2023

of the world Five major S&T clusters All are located East Asia. Tokyo-Yokohama (Japan) Leading as the largest global S&T cluster, followed by Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou (China and Hong Kong, China) Seoul (Republic of Korea), followed by China Beijing and Shanghai-Suzhou Clusters.

The Cambridge cluster in the United Kingdom and San Jose-San Francisco, CA Clusters are found in the United States A very intensive S&T activityPopulation density ratio, constant Oxford (UK), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Boston-Cambridge (US).

This year, GII identifies 24 S&T clusters in ChinaSince 21 last year, the country has been proud A large number of clustersLeading the way are Shenzhen–Hong Kong–Guangzhou, Beijing Shanghai–Suzhou, Shenzhen–Hong Kong–Guangzhou and Nanjing.

The The United States occupies 21 places in the top 100Germany with 9, and Japan, Canada, India and the Republic of Korea with 4 each San Jose-San Francisco leading to America, Munich to Germany, Tokyo-Yokohama For Japan, Toronto to Canada, Bangalore to India, and Seoul To the Republic of Korea.

S&T clusters are located among others Middle income economies Except China saw strong S&T manufacturing growth, in particular India has four top S&T clustersChennai and Bangalore experience the largest increase in the density of inventors and science teachers.

S&T Clusters Some emerging economies including, grew at a particularly rapid pace Brazil, IndiaTürkiye and, beyond the first 100, in Argentina, Egypt, Thailand and many others.

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