Rosa Lopez flaunts her perfect body in some impressive bikini photos

There are times when we’ve followed those celebs so much since the 2000s (and even had them built into our portfolios going into high school) that we’re stunned by their drastic transformation. Or even more so when we see them they haven’t changed (could they have discovered the formula for eternal youth?). There are many examples like Sofia Vergara who decided to divorce her husband Joe Manganiello after 7 years together. Her posts on Instagram remain silent no matter how small the changes (Just like when we met her on 'Modern Family’).

Celebrities always follow fashion trends that we love and try to carry into our day to day (whether you’re more 'Barbiecore’ or more 'Grunge’ like Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker). This way, we could see many 'celebrities’ taking ownership of the clothes – and we didn’t mention Chenoa and Cristina Petroch going to the party in the same dress – and giving them a new touch to crown them cool on the red carpet they pass.

Today is the star of our 'For You’ section on Instagram Rosa Lopez is the brand new winner of the first edition of 'Operación Triunfo’. She flaunts her great body and is proud (after many criticisms over the years) and poses on the beach She flaunts her natural beauty in cute high neck bikini bottoms.

Swipe right Check out the singer’s muscular arms. Even David Bispel, his former Academy classmate in 'OT 1′, wants to comment on his holiday in response to the film’s title where he talks about it.

davidbisbal: Esooooo!! You deserve that break!!!

Rosa Lopez recalls her time in 'Operación Triunfo 1′

And if there are people who don’t remember Rosa Lopez’s time in 'OT 1′ (we hope there are some, because we remember it like it was yesterday), we’re going to give you a video of it. He took his performance now that a new version presented by his friend Chenoa would be recreated.

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When did all these years pass? Someone please explain to us.

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