Rediscovering fashion's new frontiers through technology and digital art: 080 Barcelona fashion culminates in its three-dimensional version | News from Catalonia

Technology, innovation and digital art are the main pillars of the 33rd edition. 080 Barcelona Fashion. The Sant Pau Art Nouveau platform, from April 9 to 12, presented proposals from 24 designers and brands committed to adapting in a sustainable way to the new challenges arising in the post-pandemic era and after the explosion of artificiality. intelligence.

This edition features collaborations from veteran brands, but has also made emerging artists known through their collections. Escorpion, Chimora, Hose Intropia, Mite by Lola Casademont, Sita Murt, Larha, Compte Spain, Martin Agras, The Label Edition, Texel Miraz, Jnorik, Free Form Style, Guillermo Justicia, Lebor Cabala, 404 StosQD, Dominnico, Village, Avec Amour, Bielo, Ga Gó Studio, Eñaut and Custo Barcelona are names that mean sustainability, inclusion, feminism and fashion to everyone on the catwalk.

The digital era heralds new global fashion trends. This can be seen on the first day of fashion shows where Escorpion, Chimora, Hose Intropia, Mite and Sita Martin's Lola Casademont presented their proposals. This version, after the first of these brands, was announced Reconnection Its eternal protagonist is an illustration of the multicultural journey that inspires to give form and color to knitwear. Jacquards and pixelated flower prints were the protagonists in keeping with the digital theme of this edition. Like other designers, Escorpion has started introducing 3D technology in its designs. Even so, they argue, „as artificial intelligence advances, the hand-made cannot be forgotten.” Also, through their collection they promote sustainability, another central axis of the catwalk: „We save by reusing all water in our dyeing processes and using recycled fabrics.”

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080 Model walking for the Escorpion brand on the first day of Fashion Barcelona.Casper J. Ruiz Lindbergh

The second day was opened by the brand Larhha, followed by Compte Spain, Martín Across, The Label Edition, Txell Miras and Jnorig. The latter presented the collection Systematic disturbance In it they address the blurred boundary between reality and artificial intelligence, the impact of technology on understanding the tangible world, and the relationship between the familiar and the unknown. „We wanted to mention the epidemic, which, thanks to or, unfortunately, is involved in a technological leap not only because of artificial intelligence, but also because of the creation of artificial worlds. We as humans have adapted as a means of escape to go to other worlds,” says Javier Giron, the brand's creative designer. However, like Scorpio, ” „Human creativity will never be replaced by any artificial intelligence,” they argue.

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Free Form Style was in charge to start the third day with its collection Work is in progress It defends inclusive fashion on non-normative bodies and focuses denim clothing on wheelchair users. Next, the 24-year-old Catalan designer, Guillermo Justicia, made his debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion. Mycorrhizal. He was followed by Lebor Cabala, 404 Studio, Velázquez had passports in his clothes, Menschen Thomas and the legendary designer who wore the clothes. Celebrities Like Rosalia or Lady Gaga, Domenico.

The fourth and final day this Friday will be celebrated with fashion shows by 080 Village, Avec Amor, Beelo, Ka Ko Studio and Enat. The final scene will be presented by famous Catalan designer, Custo Barcelona. We are art custom. This new collection was born from the union of the first volume presented in New York and the second volume exhibited in Milan and Madrid. The brand seeks „an advanced fashion language”, always taking into account „creativity as a project driver”. After 43 years in the industry, Gusto Talmau continues to believe that fashion is communication and a social tool. Also, he revealed that technology and sustainability are very high in the collection through the garment making processes. „We introduce technology through materials. We work with manufacturers who do a lot of research to improve these practices. Our brand goes through several manufacturing processes to achieve various fabrics and technical coatings,” he says. For Custo Dalmau, 080 Barcelona fashion represents Catalan fashion: „It's the truth of talent, but it needs to be globalized to reach more international markets.”

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This version is supported by 5 sponsors and 11 collaborators. There have been sponsors to beat (Official Hairdresser), MAC Cosmetics (official makeup), Mogo Museum (Official Cultural Contents), Nobu Hotel Barcelona (Official Hotel) and Ok mobility (Official Mobility Sponsor). In terms of collaborators, the brands participating in this edition are: Thuya professional line (official nails), Rowenda (Ironing and official cleaning) or That (official train), among others.

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