Record-breaking NASA astronaut Frank Rubio has completed one year in space

NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 flight engineer Frank Rubio is pictured working inside the Quest airlock of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

Expedition 69 crew members on the ISS marked a busy week with cleaning, maintenance and experiments. Frank Rubio, Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin celebrated a year in space, while others contributed to various missions and scientific studies.

As Expedition 69 crew members wrap up their work week, ten orbiters complete various cleaning and maintenance tasks on the ship on Thursday, September 21. International Space Station (ISS).

After arriving at the orbital outpost on September 21, 2022, NASA astronaut Frank Rubio reached one full year in space today. His groundbreaking work includes dozens of scientific studies that help researchers better understand how humans thrive while living and working in space. Rubio spent most of his 365Th Station maintenance, maintenance of human research facility, removal and replacement of its pressure sensor block. In the evening, he continued to collect biological samples Standard activities Investigation.

NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio ISS Cupola

NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 flight engineer Frank Rubio peers through one of seven windows in the International Space Station’s „Window on the World” cupola. Credit: NASA

Flight Engineers Jasmine Mogbeli and Laurel O’Hara NASA They started their day cleaning smoke detectors at the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM). The two split up after lunch, Mokbeli removing and replacing cables on the network router in the Destiny laboratory module, while O’Hara studied training materials for the station’s new potable water supply. O’Hara later joined ESA (European Space Agency) for astronaut Andreas Mogensen to review spacesuit operations.

Meanwhile, Jaxa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Flight engineer Satoshi Furukawa started his day with the two hours of exercise required of astronauts using the station’s bike, CEVIS, and Advanced Resistive Exercise Device, or ARED. He spent most of his day working at JEM, collecting samples from the water recovery system for future analysis.

Astronaut Frank Rubio performs maintenance work

NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 flight engineer Frank Rubio is pictured performing maintenance work inside the Harmony Module of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

Five Roscosmos The two low-Earth-orbiting astronauts were on separate missions today as they prepare to return to Earth next week. Flight engineer Konstantin Borisov worked on the Nauka module, removing and replacing vacuum pumps, while flight engineer Nikolai Sub operated the 3D printer on the Zvezda service module. Their fellow astronaut Oleg Kononenko, who accompanied O’Hara and Chubb to the orbiting lab last week, conducted an experiment that assessed cardiovascular and respiratory function.

Two other long-serving station residents, Commander Sergei Prokofiev and Flight Engineer Dmitri Petlin, reached one year in space today with Rubio. Both spent 365Th Next week is September 27 to prepare for their journey back to Earth.

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