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Political sociologist Professor Steven Ratua

Political sociologist Professor Steven Ratua has issued a dire warning of possible political instability in Fiji.

He attributes this to individuals' relentless pursuit of power and narrow focus on party interests.

Professor Ratua stresses the need for political leaders to prioritize the interests of Fijians over personal and party gains as controversy continues over the sacking of Education Minister Azeri Ratrotro.

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He acknowledges deep divisions within the coalition government, but urges leaders to explore ways of dialogue and reconciliation within Fiji's traditional method of conflict resolution.

“To review our own political conflict resolution mechanism, something that is not really enshrined in the constitution, but something that is not enshrined in the minds of political leaders and political parties at the moment because many are politically motivated by the desire to come to power.

Professor Ratua highlighted the importance of preventing the escalation of political turmoil as it could have far-reaching consequences, triggering a chain reaction that could affect Fiji's stability for years.

The Fijian academic emphasizes the need to engage respectable individuals to assist the Social Democratic Liberal Party and People's Alliance, proposing the National Coalition Party as possible mediators.

„I think it's important to bring in others who are respected by all parties involved, and I think it's important to look beyond political party interests and focus on the national interest and see how we can ensure that stability continues.”

A long-term solution not only benefits national stability, Professor Ratua asserts, but also provides an opportunity to reassess the means of resolving political conflicts often obscured by the relentless quest for power.

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