Prince Harry 'injured' during King Charles III's visit; Here's why

Harry's recent interactions with the media have given an important indication of how he handles royal affairs. Once outspoken, he now chooses a guarded approach, particularly regarding the health of King Charles III.

During his previous interview with Good Morning America, Harry was reluctant to discuss his father's cancer in detail. When asked about his father's health, Prince Harry said, „That would be between me and him.”

It was a move away from his outspoken expressions in the past. He's been very outspoken in his memoir and Netflix docu-series with Meghan Markle. The change represents an awareness of Harry's past transgressions in criticizing the Royals.

„I jumped on a plane and went to see him as soon as I could,” Harry said on GMA. „Look, I love my family, and I'm grateful to be able to get on a plane and see him and spend any time with him.”

Harry was also asked if a reunion was possible due to King Charles III's health. „Yes, I'm sure,” he said.

„Any disease, any illness, brings families together. I see that over and over again and it makes me really happy,” he added.

Harry was 'hurt'

„Harry's refusal to go into detail about his father's illness on Good Morning America is certainly a sign that he knows he's gone too far in the past,” royal expert Tom Quinn said. told the Mirror.

At the same time, I could only talk to the king for half an hour.

„He only got to spend 30 minutes with his father during his most recent visit, and he was distressed when the authorities made it clear he didn't really want to,” Quinn added.

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