Portugal buys tech-rich drone carrier

John IIwho ruled Portugal Between 1477 and 1495, he was a monarch who promoted Atlantic exploration, completing the work of his great-uncle. Henry the Navigator. For example, in his initiative, his subjects were surrounded Cape of New Hope And the success began St. Thomas Y Prince.

In honor of his memory, Portuguese Navy baptizing in his name, „John II”His most innovative project in centuries: a Drone carrier will be constructed by Dutch shipyard Damen. Aware of its budgetary and strategic limitations – namely the inability to acquire and maintain an aircraft carrier – Portugal has chosen to purchase a strategic ship with dual use, civil and military.

„Joao II” will be rooms and laboratories So forty scientists can carry out classic naval studies or with environmental objectives. At the military level, the ship – displacing 6,000 tons, 1,000 more than a small aircraft carrier and with an overall length of 107.6 meters – will have a take-off deck capable of holding various aerial drones, futuristic weapons and full power. , proved daily in The Ukrainian War and, more recently, unleashed in guerilla attacks on ships The gorilla smells in the area Red Sea.

It can also accommodate helicopters EH-101 Merlin Heavy Lift Helicopter, currently used by the Portuguese Navy. In principle, this could also be done in vertical takeoff flights like this one Harrier or the F-35B was used Europe By SpainHe United Kingdom e Italy, as long as they are not heavily loaded with weapons and paraffin. And as a technological innovation, it is a Thirty ton lifting crane and capability with „role 2” on-board hospital on special website Tactical zone Defines discharge, testing and resuscitation capabilities. Additionally, it is responsible for treating patients until they return to service or they are discharged to a higher level.

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„Likewise,” he continues Tactical zone, «Role 2 allows for emergency dental treatment. However, under normal conditions, the character lacks 2 surgical skills. If a particular surgery requires emergency surgery and its quality enhancement to carry out post-operative care, it is called role 2. As for the drawbacks, the patient's room for maneuver is one of the most restrictive. „John II” „There is not enough hangar to store or prepare all these devices for service, which greatly limits the appeal of the maneuver.”

The total value of the deal was not specified, although it was understood that it would be financed through special issues. 94.5 million Euros Comes from Recovery and Resilience MechanismCreated to boost the economies of member countries by 2021 European union Affected The international spread of Covid-19. In principle, this amount will be completed with an investment of 37.5 million euros Portuguese Government.

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