Pitti Uomo’s China Wave Section Spotlights Eight Chinese Brands

milan – With China emerging not only as a major luxury market, but also as a hub for local creativity, increasingly aiming for international recognition, Pitti Uomo is contributing to the China Wave by partnering with the China National Apparel Association.

A brand new section of the super-stylish, fashion-forward area at the Fortessa da Basso Fairgrounds, China Wave spotlights eight premium contemporary Chinese fashion brands, offering a glimpse into the country’s bubbling fashion scene. own

“After many years of development, the Chinese clothing industry has emerged with many top Chinese brands and designer brands. Having achieved significant market influence in China, these brands now want to use international platforms to expand their global presence,” explained Chen Dapeng, president of the China National Apparel Association and vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council. The China Wave project is organized under the China International Fashion Fair, which aims to internationalize the country’s fashion brands.

„We believe these brands can showcase their innovation and creativity on the international stage of Pitti Uomo and present a new image of independent Chinese brands,” added the executive.

He commended the organizers of Biti Umo for their seamless cooperation in the project and providing all necessary resources for its implementation.

The eight brands – Valleyouth, KB Hong by K-Boxing, Raxxy, JDV, Fenggy, Blackhead, Keyone by Hattershub and Typetail – „well represent the advanced development of the industry,” Dapeng said.

„Cultural creativity is at the heart of brand development. Therefore, the main criteria in the brand selection process still focus on style and creativity, as well as the cultural expression expressed through style and creativity…[that] „He is also well versed in international expression languages ​​and methods,” Dapeng said.

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Pitti Uomo has always had a knack for spotlighting international countries with collaborative showcases. This season, in addition to China Wave, the menswear fair will host sections dedicated to Japanese and Scandinavian brands courtesy of J Quality and Scandinavian Manifesto. It is also relaunching a division called Promas, dedicated to some 28 French brands selected by the Promas menswear association.

Chinese brands are „an open and innovative pioneering force in fashion,” Dapeng said. They focus on the changes of the new generation of consumers, the rise of brand cultural creativity, the integration of different cultures and the development of sustainable fashion. I believe that these Chinese designer brands, originating from the East and harmonizing Eastern and Western cultures, will undoubtedly win the support and appreciation of the Western market with their unique concepts and creations.

An exclusive cocktail reception on Tuesday, the opening day of the trade show, will mark the ribbon cutting of the China Wave section, held at Costruzioni Lorenesi inside Fortezza da Basso.

Meet the brands

Valley Founded in 2012 by Lee Wenjie, is a menswear brand defined by nature-inspired designs infused with a youthful spin. Expanding into subsequent lifestyle categories such as womenswear and home decor and kidswear, the brand is part of the Milan Fashion Week schedule with a digital show on June 18.

A view from the valley.

Courtesy of Valleyouth

KB Hong by K-Boxing Established in 1980, K-Boxing is a Chinese menswear brand that showcased its high-end collection at Milan Fashion Week 2020. It was helmed by co-creative directors Hong Boming and Massimo Foroni, combining Eastern and Western references. Chinese formalwear with an Italian penchant for relaxed elegance.

Appearances from KB-Hong by K-Boxing.

A look at K-Boxing’s KB Hong.

Courtesy of KB-Hong via K-Boxing

Founded in 2018 by William Shen. Roxy The result of Shen’s interest in combining creativity with logic and mathematical rules is a luxury outerwear company known for its futuristic accents. In addition to outerwear, it offers wholesale looks as well as women’s clothing pieces.

Apparently from Raxxy.

Apparently from Raxxy.

Courtesy of Raxxy

JTVJ-Different View, short for its founder Jason Shen’s name, was founded in 2010 as a full-fledged menswear brand based on the philosophy that fashion is not just clothes, but a tool to express a certain lifestyle.

Apparently from JDV.

A view from JTV.

Courtesy of JDV

Started in 2019 by Ge Feng, Fengyi A womenswear fashion brand that suits an active lifestyle. It reinvents sportswear through a trend-driven lens, promoting performance fabrics and minimalist aesthetics.

Apparently from Fengyi.

Apparently from Fengyi.

Courtesy of Fenggy

A Shanghai-based accessories brand black spot Founded in 2012 by Liu Yu and includes handbags, footwear, jewelry and sunglasses. It is strongly connected to youth subcultures and explores the punk and rebellious spirit of cool Chinese kids.

Jewelry from Blockhead.

Jewelry from Blockhead.

Courtesy of Blackspot

Ding Yan and Shang Xiaorong are the two creators behind it Keon of HattershopA hat brand founded in 2002 that blends streetwear and formal headwear designs.

A hat from Keon.

A hat from Keon.

Courtesy of Kion

TypingIn Creative Director Iris Chen delivers a total look that includes ready-to-wear and accessories for urban cool women and fashionistas. It was established in 2021.

An appearance from Typetail.

An appearance from Typetail.

Courtesy of Typetail

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