PGA Tour players react to Nellie Kortas' win | LPGA

Nellie Korda's streak of five consecutive LPGA Tour victories has taken the golf world by storm in recent weeks, even catching the eye of some of her male peers on the PGA Tour. See what they had to say about the success of the Rolex Women's World Golf Ranking No. 1 over the past few months.

Scotty Scheffler

„One of the guys here asked me, 'Is this turning into a rivalry between you and Nellie? I don't know, man. If it's a rivalry, I think she's got me pretty good right now. Five wins in a row. That T16 at the beginning of the year, that was terrible. I can tell she did it. Can't believe it. It's really exciting for her to win four times in a row. I think we've all seen that in person, TaylorMade We don't meet them much outside of things like some great golf, some historical stuff, and hopefully she'll keep it.

„She finished T16 in her first event this year and she's won the other five. I don't know if I can fully relate to that. It's a lot of intense golf. I'm really happy for her and proud of her. It's really special stuff. It's been a treat to watch.” .

Billy Horschel

„I had a three-week stretch where I finished second, first, first, and at the time I thought I was something special, but what Nellie and Scotty are doing is unreal. I can't imagine it. In a period of time, not just five weeks in a row, they're six. , have done over seven, eight weeks. It's unreal golf. I'd say we're not going to see anything like that anymore, to think about who the talented players are playing against. Because that's pretty special, as a golf fan, I'm lucky to be able to see that because, at the end of the day, I'm a golf fan at heart.

JD Boston

„I don't know her personally, but five in a row is very impressive, and that's a highlight (Sunday), right; is that right? Very impressive. Obviously, what Scotty was doing was very impressive, and for him to reel in five in a row, that Difficult to understand.

Wyndham Clark

„It's amazing to win five in a row. Especially since it's a major that she's won. Kudos to her. She's playing amazing and clearly the best woman in the world.”

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