PBS El Salvador seeks to empower women in technology

Savior. PBS El Salvador, a leader in IT solutions, with the support of its strategic partners Jumio and Xerox, recently launched the project “Unstoppable – Women in Technology” with the aim of empowering women in technology.

The event brought together leading women interested in technology to promote their participation and leadership in the industry, through a conversational format that allowed them to share experiences, challenges and successes, inspiring participants to pursue their goals with determination and confidence.

PBS El Salvador promotes gender equality as one of its corporate values, opening up greater participation opportunities and improving opportunities for women in the technology sector.

PBS El Salvador's initiative “Unstoppable – Women in Tech” featured panels and keynotes on leadership in the tech industry. Jumio participated with a talk on fraud trends in the technology industry, created by Pilar Ardón, manager of Latam Strategic Alliances, and valuable knowledge was shared about women's leadership in the industry.

“There is no room for fraudsters and money launderers in today's digital economy. To protect against fraud and financial crime, online businesses need to know and trust that their customers are who they say they are — and that these customers are trustworthy. Jumio Expert leverages the power of artificial intelligence, biometrics, machine learning and proof of life to help businesses and organizations convert more customers faster, prevent fraudsters from infiltrating their online ecosystem and comply with KYC / AML regulations,” Orton said.

The event included an inspiring panel discussion on “Unstoppable Women” featuring key leaders in the field, including ESIAP's Executive Director, Claudia de Larin; Veronica González, Director of Digital and Technology for Banco Azul; Jennifer Aviles, director of operations and maintenance for Tico El Salvador; and Mirian Alas, General Manager of PBS El Salvador.

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„At PBS we are currently looking to place more women in leadership and technical positions. With the aim of bringing technology closer to a new generation, especially women, we are creating programs like PBS Academy and PBS Mentoring. It is for this reason that the youth of the mentoring program we are developing in collaboration with the Gloria Creed Foundation have joined us today, ” said Mirian.

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