Paul Gilbert compares the „perfect” Ace Frehley to Bach

Paul Gilbert has praised former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley in a new interview, going so far as to compare him to legendary composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

speaks Guitar WorldGilbert also headlines Kiss’ live albums Alive And Alive IIReleased in 1975 and 1977 respectively, Frehley’s musicianship featured on two recordings.

Discussing the latter album, he says, “Ace Freely has false feedback magic! Introductory note of King of the nocturnal world Quickly transitions into its higher harmonics, and the Ace sustains it in full force with soulful, dramatic and perfectly controlled vibrato.

“And then Ace’s unaccompanied solo at the end I am shocked This beautiful guitar has great feedback and resonance. I love it!”

And Gilbert had plenty of praise for The Spaceman’s solos, calling them „perfectly composed”. And, „They remind me of what Bach would do if Les Paul, Marshall, and space aliens were wearing them.”

Mr. Great guitarist Gilbert seems to have a higher opinion of Frehley’s guitar playing than the former Kiss man himself. In 2009 interview, Frehley said of his guitar skills as a younger musician, “I was good; I’m not big… I have guys playing around me. But it’s a combination of my songwriting, my voice, my attitude, my personality … it’s the package. I know great guitar players who have no figure or personality. And you need everything.

Frehley has revealed in the past that „serious musicians” wrote the band off as „clowns”, with several big names heaping praise on him in particular. In fact, everyone from Eddie Van Halen to Dimaybach Darrell has praised Freeley in the past.

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Meanwhile, he said that his upcoming solo album was finished two weeks ago, and that it might be the best album he’s ever done. He described his former bandmates Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as trying to „destroy my credibility” and said of Stanley, „Well, when this album comes out, it’s going to make him look like an idiot.”

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