Pau Gasol joins Iker Casillas as investor and ambassador at Idovan

Idoven adds athletes to its investor portfolio. Pau Gasol has joined Idovan as an investor and ambassador for the company, as revealed in a statement, after the company closed the funding round. The amount raised in the last round was not disclosed.

In this way, the former basketball player of Los Angeles Lakers and FC Barcelona, ​​among other teams, Joins Iker CasillasIt has been part of Idoven’s investor portfolio since June 2022.

A Spanish company specializing in cardiology has closed a funding round led by NorthZone. „The round will fund Idovan’s ambition to become the leading global solution for electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis,” the statement said.

firm, The aim of the new funding round is to accelerate the implementation of new solutions using Idovan technology.Support healthcare professionals in accurate and efficient diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and expand their geographic presence.

Pau Gasol noted, „I am happy to contribute my experience to create a solid and successful team culture in an organization capable of saving thousands of lives, and to be able to use my network of contacts and help Idovan. This moment is critical to its growth.”

„Idoven’s AI technology is revolutionizing the way we determine the health of our heart and the way we prevent and treat heart disease, which, in my opinion, will make a big difference,” the former Spanish international added.

This new round of funding This adds to the closing of Idovan in June 2022 when it raised 19.8 million euros.. In addition, the company recently partnered with AstraZeneca and received €1.5 million in funding from EIT Health for its early heart attack detection program Assist, in which the company collaborates with international hospitals and scientific institutions.

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In 2019, Idovan received European funding from a Google Cloud Credit grant to develop EIT Health and its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Last year, the company closed a two million euro deal with Wayra Center Telefonica, Accel Partners, Enisa and Business angels.

Idoven is a medical technology company founded in 2018 By a group of health and technical experts. It aims to revolutionize healthcare through telemedicine and AI. In its early days, the company started by offering online medical consultations, connecting patients with qualified doctors around the world.

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