Olympic Sports Series 2023: Mori „Shora” Shoma Wins WBSC eBaseball™: POWER PROS Event

Mori „Shora” Shoma has proved its dominance in WBSC eBaseball™: POWER PROS The scene after recording a one-sided victory in the inaugural baseball finals Olympic Sports Series 2023.

Shora, who qualified for the Olympic Esports Series finals two years ago by winning the Olympic Virtual Series baseball tournament, faced a fellow Japanese player. Horike „Taijyu” Hiroki Last Saturday, the duo won in the semi-finals against Jacob „KangKong” Park and Wang „CMWANG” Chia-Ming, respectively.

Batting first in the final, Shora opened up a big lead over Taijyu in the top of the first innings. An RBI double, a solo home run and a two-run home run made the score 4-0 before an out was recorded.

Shora added another two-run shot in the top of the second inning, and although Taiju managed a home run of his own in the bottom of the third, Shora never came back as he finished with a 6-1 win.

„It feels like being on top of the world,” Shora said after his win. „Winning two titles is not an easy thing,” he added, also referring to his 2021 victory.

The Bronze-Cup match was a thriller that went to extra innings.

CMWANG And Kong Gang Traded solo home runs to second and bottom, respectively, in the fourth inning to force extra fourth innings. Automatic runners were put on first and second, and CMWANG cleared the bases with a three-run homer. KangGang managed to scratch across a run in response, but CMWANG loaded the bases as they won the third-place game 4-2.

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