Olympic Qualifying Series Begins in Shanghai with Boulder and Lead Qualifiers

Topping her fourth and final problem, Argentina’s Valentina Aguado finished with a 32.n.d In the provisional ranking – 15.4 points away from 20Th Place.

„I think I could have done a few things a little bit differently, maybe another top, but that’s okay, I know it’s not over because it’s a two-discipline race and tomorrow we’re in the lead. I’ve been training a lot in the lead so I’m excited for tomorrow. Aguado said.

„In Boulder you don’t know what you’re going to find on the wall, while it’s easy to train endurance for the lead. The boulders were a lot of fun today, I’m really happy to be here, I’m not nervous because I know I’ve done all the work, now I’m going to enjoy and fight well.

„It should be like the World Cup, because it’s a bouldering competition, you have five minutes, but I think the atmosphere is different, it’s an Olympic event, the Olympic spirit is around, it’s really good. The points system is different, seeing four boulders in the qualifying round. It’s different, but the rest is like a regular World Cup. Argentina finished.

For Women’s Boulder & Lead Qualifying Provisional Results Click here.

The Olympic qualifying series consists of two legs, the first in Shanghai from 16 to 19 May and the second in Budapest, Hungary from 20 to 23 June. Every tournament round on OQS will be streamed live olympics.com.

News and updates about the event will be available on the IFSC website and the federation’s digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Network light, TikTokAnd exclusively for the Chinese audience, Douyin et Weibo.

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