New technology that could replace Apple iPhone 17: RCC

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Famous technical analyst Ming-Chi Kuo In the next iPhone 17 from 2025, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) can incorporate new technology into its motherboard, offering improved internal space and cost-saving benefits.

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What happened?

Guo, an analyst TF International BondsApple said it is investigating the app Adhesive copper (Resin coated copper or RCC) for iPhone 17 motherboard.

This RCC technology, if perfected, could replace the traditional bonding film found on existing motherboards with a deposited resin, simplifying the manufacturing process.

If this technology is successfully integrated, it could increase the device’s internal space, which could pave the way for new components or a slightly larger battery.

Guo said, „RCC can reduce the thickness of the motherboard (that is, save internal space) and simplify the drilling process because of the absence of fiberglass,” which is a thin device, leading to higher manufacturing costs. Lower costs and more efficient assembly process.

However, Guo noted that RCC technology will not be adopted for next year’s next line of smartphones, the iPhone 16, due to concerns about its fragility and inability to pass drop tests. According to this analyst, Ajinomoto is currently the leading supplier of RCC material, and the success of the project depends on Apple and Ajinomoto’s ability to improve RCC material before the production of the 2025 iPhone 17 models.

Because it matters

Meanwhile, in its upcoming iPhone 16 series, Cupertino is rumored to use micro-lens arrays (MLA) for OLED panels. The screen is bright and efficient.

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Apple is also reported to be planning to include an ultra-wide camera sensor 48 megapixels iPhone 16 Pro with Wi-Fi 7 technology on higher-end models.

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