New Products in Easy Installment | Tourism and mobile services with 5G technology

In anticipation of the upcoming Carnival and Easter holidays, the government announced the inclusion of tourism services in the Cuota Simple scheme, which finances purchases in 3 and 6 fixed installments. The plan also includes cell phones with 5G technology, which can be purchased at supermarkets and hypermarkets. Daniel Cioli, the new Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sport, has made tourism-related announcements.

The government's aim is to boost the sector during the upcoming Carnival and Easter holidays, as inclusion in the simple quota is for ninety days (until next May 7). The scheme offers a rate equivalent to 85 per cent of the fixed term rate established by the central bank for thirty days, which currently stands at 93.5 per cent annually.

Included were tourist tickets, hotels, vehicle rentals, excursions, regional products and packages purchased by agencies using credit cards.

On the other hand, the Commerce Ministry also included cell phones with 5G technology in the simple quota. Although the installation of antennas in Argentina is still a work in progress, the technology will be present in the new phones that will be launched in the market. As with Ahora 12, the plan initially only covers 4G cell phones. Another change is that starting this Tuesday, supermarkets, hypermarkets and general stores will be able to sell cell phones on installments in their stores. The scheme ends on 31st May.

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