Netizens are speculating which idol group fight stopped filming following an employee’s Instagram story update.

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Recently, a staff member’s Instagram story sparked widespread speculation after it was revealed that an idol group fight had led to a halt to filming.

On June 8, a staff member posted an Instagram story that hinted at a disruptive event on set. According to the story, a fight between the idol members caused a significant pause in the filming. He wrote, „This is the first time that filming has been stopped because the members fought with each other during filming.”

The said employee has previously worked with popular groups like NCT, RiceAnd ZEROBASEONEThus inadvertently fueling the rumour, fans and netizens are eager to uncover the truth.

Some of them opinions Adds: „So they fought in front of employees older than them, which led to delays in production? That’s funny.”

„Well, aren’t they worried about their reputation in the industry? No one will work with a big mouth.”

„I feel like you shouldn’t be updating this kind of thing on social media. I wouldn’t hire someone like him to expose internal events.”

„It can’t be an SME boy group. Their calendar is full today.”

„It’s N.C.T.A again…?”

„It must have been very bad to induce him to do this.”

„I honestly think employees should have more say. Celebrities don’t work because they’re in a bad mood. They’re not royalty.”

„And then it would be hilarious to see that background in NCT’s content.”

„He works with all kinds of groups, why are you pulling SME artists?”

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