Netflix is ​​screening controversial documentaries about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In recent months, Netflix Betting heavily on documentaries Cases of great interest to the public. Here is the premiere A 'deck of cards’Spain or the most recent serial killer ’Mario Biondo’s Last Hour’Television cameraman and host Raquel Sánchez Silva’s controversial miniseries about her ex-husband’s death and its aftermath moves from the list of best Netflix documentaries to watch.

This year, in addition, we attended Legal battle between Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Sanderson Now, after nearly a year in power The case of Johnny Depp vs. Amber HeardNetflix is ​​committing to one of the most impactful cases in recent times, one of the film industry’s best-known ex-partners, considered the trial of the century by involving inextricably morbid meaning.

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Amber Johnny Depp asked Juzio

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Let’s remember that, In 2022, Johnny Depp sued the defendant and his ex-partner – Amber Heard – for $50 million in three counts of defamation.. After Amber Heard, who made a series of accusations against Johnny Depp, was accused of misconduct, the 'Tony Brasco’ actor was able to check another major investigation around him, and the big Hollywood producers decided to carry out the sentence. His exclusion from productions like 'Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret’ has set him aside.

documentary’Deb vs. Heard’ premieres next Wednesday, August 16 on Netflix (Also in Spain, we consider the regret of Amber Heard, who now lives in Madrid). It has also been shown that Hollywood star trials are the new entertainment craze and by Three chapters, will analyze Then detail everything that happened Complaints of defamation and abuse Among them.

The series anticipates and reviews a future film about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Events during the investigationohAsking questions What is truth in today’s society, and at what cost?

Additionally, ’Deb Vs. hard’ They will bet to show everything Media circus That was loaded In social networks Similar to TikTok, thanks to the possibility of following an experiment in Fairfax County, Virginia, through YouTube, it was witnessed by millions of people. The dispute lasted more than 200 hoursCommenting on it and sharing all sorts of discussions, almost acting as arbiters of morality.

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