NASA finally shows what's inside its Bennu asteroid container

In a more relatable moment, NASA struggled for three months to remove the lid from its asteroid sample container, sending it into deep(ish) space. Same, NASA, same: I struggled with pickle jars.

The space agency was finally able to enter asteroid Bennu's sampling container last week and released a high-resolution image of its Touch-and-Go-Sampling Acquisition Mechanism (TAGSAM) on Friday, revealing a delightful array of dust and rocks. from Bennu by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

TAGSAM lives in a special glove box to prevent sample contamination, and only certain instruments are allowed to be used with it. The team eventually had to develop new tools to open the fasteners. Knocking on the edge of the kitchen counter didn't help.

– Matt Smith

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Apple's Vision Pro is now available for pre-order in US stores and on the company's website. You may want to know that you'll need to scan your face with an iPhone or iPad using Face ID when pre-ordering to ensure you're getting an accurate band fit. Pricing starts at $3,499 for the 256GB version — but you might want more storage. It costs $3,699 with 512GB of storage and $3,899 with 1TB. If you have more money to burn, the travel case, additional battery packs, and additional light seals will run you $199 each. If you fancy some late 80s/early 90s accessories, you can clip the device to your pants with the Belkin battery holder. Cold.

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A GeForce RTX card inside the PC.A GeForce RTX card inside the PC.


What is Nvidia's RTX 4070 Super Special? Raw power, basically. It has 7,168 CUDA cores compared to 5,888 in the base RTX 4070 and 7,680 in the RTX 4070 Ti. Its base clock speed is slightly higher than before. Powered by DLSS3 enhancement, the 4070 Super is the most capable 4K gaming card.

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Microsoft said a hacking group linked to a Russian intelligence agency accessed the emails of several of its senior executives and other employees. A hacking group called Midnight Blizzard, or Nobileum, has claimed responsibility — the same group behind the 2020 SolarWinds cyberattack. Microsoft and US cybersecurity officials have said Noblium is part of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

Hackers accessed a small percentage of Microsoft's corporate email accounts, including members of its senior leadership and employees in its cybersecurity and legal teams.

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