NASA discovers volcanic lake on Jupiter's moon

Jupiter's moon Io has active volcanoes. – X/Kilauea50

NASA's Juno spacecraft has discovered a large volcanic lake called „Lo” in the center of Jupiter's moon. Direct science reported.

The lake, named Loki Padera, is Iowa's largest volcanic depression. If on Earth, it would be the 13th largest lake in the world.

In the middle of the lake is an island with steep mountains.

Jupiter's Io has more volcanoes than any other body in the Solar System. It is bigger than Earth.

The new findings were announced by Scott Bolton, principal investigator of the Juno mission, at the General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union.

He said, „Lo is littered with volcanoes, some of which we caught in action.”

„There is amazing detail that shows these crazy islands embedded in the middle of a magma lake surrounded by hot lava. The specular reflection of the lake recorded by our instruments suggests that parts of Io's surface are glass-smooth, reminiscent of obsidian glass formed by volcanic Earth,” he added.

Io flyby's have provided the closest look at Jupiter's moons yet.

According to NASA's website, Io's „persistent volcanism and intense radiation make Io an unlikely place for life.”

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