Nas Notes On DJ Premiere Collab For 'Ilmatic' 30th Anniversary

When Nas changed the landscape of New York hip-hop Disease free Hit the streets in 1994. Three decades later, Escobar wanted to party in the '90s while celebrating his iconic debut album.

with Disease free Turning 30 on Friday (April 19), Nas is teasing something on the horizon in honor of the seminal LP.

The Queensbridge legend hinted at an upcoming collaboration with DJ Premier, who has produced records like „NY State of Mind.” Disease free In addition Deploying the projectThe dynamic duo teamed up in the 90s when they looked to make their mark on the game by posting another photo that appeared more recently.

Kiddie fans continued to speculate that some sort of plan might be in the works with Primo and Nas' 30th anniversary. Disease free A few more days.

“Then vs. Now. What is it,” Nas teased while producers Hit-Boy and The Alchemist gave their stamp of approval in the comments section.

„After all these years I will be vindicated,” wrote journalist Jerry Barrow.

A fan chimed in: “Don't play with my emotions like this!”

The „One Love” rapper took a stroll down memory lane earlier this week.

“Grain Images for a Grain Age. I dreamed of having my favorite producers on my first album. I know exactly what I want and how I want it. But I didn't know anyone except Paul, so I asked him if he could connect them all. The cool soul brother that he is helped me sort it out. We smashed Sita on April 19,” he recalled.

„Even though the album leaked months before the release date, we're still one step away from music history. Thanks to Big Prof (Paul) and Dj Premier for taking me on projects once or twice. Qtip, Beat Rock and The Bridge DJ from my LES. Man and my boy AZ and all involved. Friday 30th listeners.

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DJ Premier reflects on being in it all Disease free Sessions from start to finish. „Every session is a fun journey, watching it come together and meeting all of you from QB.”

In 2022, Nas fueled speculation that a long-awaited Primo-Escobar joint album could still be in the works. Nas touched on the legendary project King disease 3 Track „30.” „The premiere album could still happen,” he raps.

Premier made three records Disease free (“NY State of Mind,” “Memory Lane (Sitting in Da Park)” and “Representation”). The two teamed up for songs like „Nose Is Like” and „NY State of Mind Pt.” II” and 2022’s “Beat Breaks”.

Disease free Arriving on April 19, 1994, it debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200, selling 63,000 albums in its first week.

Find Nas' posts around Disease free below.

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