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The latest member of the squad to share his first-hand experience of watching matches in the stands is Carney Chukwuemega, who recalls how family trips to watch his local club fueled his dream of one day reaching League Two as a player.

This is Northampton and Barnet. I was about four or five, my brother was seven, and I remember going with my dad and mom because it was about 10 minutes from our old house. It was my first real experience watching a game live, and I remember the atmosphere being insane. That’s how I fell in love with football.

It’s definitely an environment I’ve noticed a lot. That’s the first thing that got me when I heard the noise and imagined how the players playing in that situation must feel.

Northampton wasn’t far away so we went to a lot of games, often whenever we got the chance. After our Sunday league match or Saturday match, we go straight there. I would compare what I did in my game to what I was actually watching a lot. Where do you think you are going to be at that age? To be fair, you enjoy football at that age, but at the same time you think, 'Am I going to play like him when I’m old?’ You think so.

When I think back at Northampton, I have now played in the Premier League with Chelsea and Aston Villa. Every time I have some time at home, when I have nothing to do, I always think about my trip. Obviously I’m still young and it’s crazy how quickly and fast things have happened. I am truly grateful.

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