More than 600 people examined the impact of space technology at the New Space Congress 2023

Flanders is the guest region of the conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce

Barcelona, ​​24 November. (Europe Press) –

The new Space Economy Congress brought together more than 600 participants in Barcelona this week to explore the „benefits that space technology can bring to society.”

More than 40 speakers participated in the twenty round tables and presentations held, the Barcelona Chamber, in association with Generalitat, said in a statement this Friday.

As such, the event has „promoted synergies” of the aerospace sector with companies and institutions from other parts of the economy.

It has „strengthened the presence of international speakers from major organizations” such as the European Space Agency (Esa) and the participation of companies, students, teachers and researchers, and Flanders is a guest region.

The conference has the collaboration of the Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (Ieec), the Private Knowledge Innovation Market Foundation (Kimbcn), the i2Cat Foundation and the Institute of Cartography and Geography of Catalonia (Icgc).


Roger Torrent, the Generalitat’s Minister of Commerce and Labour, stated that the government’s aim was for Catalonia to be a „centre of innovation in the space sector”.

Barcelona Chamber President, Josep Santacruz, has called for spatial investment to „advance society and create a more resilient economy”.

Esa’s marketing director, Geráldine Naja, estimated global investment in space at 99 billion euros in 2022, during her speech at the Congress, which focused on the public sector in Europe.

Former Minister of Science, Pedro Duc, recalled that satellites „allowed us to access information and know what is happening in the world”, and highlighted the impact of scientific advances in space in computing and optics.

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