Miyu Kato misses French Open women’s doubles prize money, but can play in mixed doubles – NBC 6 South Florida

PARIS (AP) — French Open tennis star Miu Gato has lost all of her 21,500 euros (about $23,000) in prize money and ranking points in women’s doubles. She accidentally hits a ball girl neck with a ball after a point during a match, but she is allowed to continue participating in mixed doubles.

Cato’s partner in the women’s doubles, Indonesia’s Altila Sutjiadi, earned her money and points for reaching the third round of the tournament.

French Open referee Remy Azemar issued the penalty rules. Azemer ruled that the ball kid had been hit carelessly, and Gado was allowed to continue in mixed doubles with Tim Butts; They will play in the semi-finals on Thursday.

On Sunday, in the third round of the women’s doubles, Kato took a swing with her racket and the ball flew toward Kidd, who did not look in the Japanese player’s direction as she walked off the court.

First, chair umpire Alexandre Juge cautioned Cato. But after Azemar and Grand Slam supervisor Wayne McEwen went to Court 14 to see what happened, Gatto and Chudjiyadi missed the match.

Marie Bouskova of the Czech Republic and Sara Soripes Tormo of Spain won.

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