Miami-Dade Mayor Discusses Affordable Housing, Economy in State of the State Address – NBC 6 South Florida

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine Cava discussed a range of issues in her 2024 State of the County address Wednesday night, including affordable housing and the economy.

Before an audience at Zoo Miami, Levin Cava summarized his accomplishments in his first three years and outlined his vision for the county's economic development.

Even before his state of the province address, Levine Cava spoke about affordable housing, the area's most pressing issue.

„House prices have gone up and wages haven't kept pace, so we've halved,” he said. „You heard that our housing is 32,000 units in the process.”

During his speech, the mayor referred to the Covid pandemic and the resurgence of the district.

„A year later, businesses reopened, newcomers arrived, and a new economic landscape emerged,” he said.

Includes improvements in the economy – the mayor includes 6,000 new jobs, a low 1.6% unemployment rate, a continued effort to convert homes from septic to sewer systems, and a $2.5 billion bond issue on the November ballot.

Meyer recalls the collapse of the Surfside condominiums and subsequent reforms.

“We expedited building recertification, requiring associations to post their budget and safety record, and we strengthened our building code,” he said.

The mayor gave a special shout-out to first responders and the nearly 30,000 county employees. He spoke directly to Miami-Dade residents.

„Through tragedy and triumph, you have been brave,” Levine Cava said. „You've shown that, and that's why I'm so proud of you and love this community.”

It is the county address of Levin Cava's fourth state. He is up for re-election this November.

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