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Mary J. Blige arrived at the MCM store in Soho, New York on Wednesday to toast her Sun Goddess Wines label with one of her favorite fashion brands, MCM. The event preceded the official start of New York Fashion Week.

„Sun Goddess Wines is a part of who I am and an extension of who I am,” says Mary J. Blige told WWD. „The world of wine is very connected to both hip-hop and fashion, because music and fashion are two industries that always celebrate something. Whether you’re a fashion designer or a music artist, any time you come up with a new creative idea or a new project, you Want to celebrate, we celebrate with wines and spirits.

Mary J. Blige


The Grammy Award-winning singer wore a black corseted tank minidress for the soiree. Blige, who has always been known to accessorize heavily, accessorized herself with hoop earrings, a watch, several bracelets and several necklaces.

Blige launched Sun Goddess wines in 2020 in collaboration with Italian vintner Marco Fontinel. The singer told WWD that she wanted to team up with the fashion brand so closely to New York Fashion Week because „MCM has been in hip-hop culture since I was a teenager. Artists from Heavy D to KRS-One wore MCM. When I was younger, I was into hip-hop and R&B. I remember everyone was scrambling to get an MCM piece and now we have tons of MCM products.

„This event with Mary J. Blige is an exciting next step in reimagining our heritage,” said Ariana Milton, managing director of the Americas for MCM. “MCM is in an exciting new moment in a different, more elevated way. Mary J. Blige is part of our most important background. It is very important to revisit these traditional moments in a different, exciting and elevated way. Cindy [Crawford’s] A recent campaign was one way we celebrated, and now Mary J. Conducted with Blige. His passion for the brand and wanting to be a part of the MCM movement says everything about our legacy and where we are going.

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