Margot Robbie’s Barbie performance was inspired by a podcast

On Greta Gerwig Barbie, Margot Robbie plays Barbie. Kate McKinnon plays Barbie (technically a different Barbie), as does Issa Rae (President Barbie), Harry Neff (Doctor Barbie), Alexandra Shipp (Writer Barbie), Emma Mackie (Physicist Barbie), Sharon Rooney (Lawyer Barbie), and Dua Lipa. (Mermaid Barbie), Nicola Golan (Diplomat Barbie), Ana Cruz Cain (Judge Barbie), Ritu Arya (Journalist Barbie) and others. That’s a lot of Barbies (and Kens), but there’s one thing that unites them, besides the fact that they’re all named Barbie: they have Barbie energy, as Robbie said. Vogue.

„Cal Gadot is Barbie energy,” he explained. „Because Gal Gadot is so beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being so beautiful, because she’s so honest, and she’s so earnestly kind, it’s almost dark. It’s like before she became a dork.

Robbie also revealed the podcast that helped her play Barbie.

„Greta, I was like, I have to go through this whole character journey. Greta, oh, I have a great podcast for you. Gerwig sent Robbie an episode. This American Life, about a woman who doesn’t introspect. „You know how you always have a voice in your head?” Robbie says. „This girl, she doesn’t have that voice in her head.”

If Robbie doesn’t win an Oscar BarbieBecause Gerwig should have sent her an episode Doughboys instead of

The voice in my head tells me Barbie Releases on July 21. And I have to pick up a prescription at CVS, but mostly Barbie matter.

(via Vogue)

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