LeBron James hopes to play alongside his youngest son in the NBA.

LeBron James may have plans to stay in the NBA for a while.

with an ad He shared on his Instagram account On Monday, the Los Angeles Lakers star said he hopes to play collegiately one day Both His sons in league.

The 38-year-old has expressed his desire to play with his oldest son, 19-year-old LeBron „Brony” James Jr., on several occasions. But his latest commercial appearance, promoting headphones brand Beats by Dre, also aims to play with his youngest son, 16-year-old Bryce James.

The NBA legend’s wife, Savannah James, partially narrates the ad, which aims to highlight his determination and influential basketball career — as well as the criticism and doubt he’s faced along the way.

At one point in the video, Savannah James encourages her husband in a voiceover to fend off the naysayers and instead „take the high road.”

„Tell them you’re not done until you play with your son — and then do it again,” she says later, as Bronie and Bryce James are shown.

The youngster has already made waves in the basketball world.

Bronie James has been recruited to play at the University of Southern California, and Price has an offer from Ohio State University. The youngest son won’t be eligible to play in the NBA until 2026, when his dad will be 41 at the start of the season.

LeBron James, who Now a senior player In the NBA, it has given some thought to playing in the league with Price before.

„I feel like I can play for a while. So it’s all about my body, but more importantly, my mind,” he said when asked about playing with Price.

„If my mind can stay sharp, fresh and motivated, the sky’s not the limit for me. I can go beyond that. But we’ll see.”

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