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After a night of paid preparations, one can only wonder if this week's theme upset the housemates more than meets the eye. Confronting fears is no easy task, but it proved to be a challenge for the housemates as they spent most of Wednesday night filming scenes, brainstorming and finalizing the script.

Yesterday, Biggie gave the housemates eight papers, one pen and one pencil for eight scenes. As he said, the success of a coolie depends on how well they work, and a pen and pencil confirmed that. By the end of the evening, the scripts were written and the housemates had to rehearse their lines.

After dinner, they started getting ready for training and HoH Mpumi had to make an announcement. „I'm not usually one to call things out,” Mbumi exclaimed. He was quick to solve problems, expressing his displeasure at people not doing what he instructed. His speech worked as the housemates gathered in their teams and started rehearsing for their horror film.

Check out the shenanigans they're going through this week:

Trained with Yolanda Papagost, Mbumi McJunior, Zareed Lima, Jee Young Pappy, and Chinye Els. However, this is not a job for the homebody. Jared talks about Lima liking her farts and expresses her belief that Else is „the one.”

The housemates are still figuring out the flow of the scenes by acting through them and there is still a lot of confusion about the script. Only time will tell if they will win their prize today and make the ultimate horror movie!

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