KO Sends Love To 'A Dude Named Adam’ After Returning To WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown – KO Sends Love To 'A Dude Named Adam’ After Returning To Cageside Slips

On last night’s (Oct. 13) SmackDown season premiere, Kevin Owens was revealed as the „player to be named” sent to the blue brand in a Cody Rhodes-orchestrated trade that put Jey Uso on Raw.

This raises some interesting questions about KO’s future, some of which were addressed and teased in his first interview on SmackDown. But what we want to highlight from Owens’ “digitally exclusive” chat with Kathy Kelly is his final message (at ~1:45 of this video):

„Before I go, I want to say that I have a friend named Adam who had very serious surgery today. He’s recovering and is in the hospital right now. I want to say Adam, we love you, we’re with you, take care my friend. And that’s it. is about

Now, Kev has another friend, Adam, who needs serious surgery. But he was granted Well documented AEW’s friendship with Adam Cole goes back to their Ring of Honor days, when he suffered a „soul-crushing” injury that required multiple surgeries, and how Cole’s relationship with WWE creative Triple H may have been blessed by Hitch. This cross-promotional message is co-signed… we assume it’s for a certain BAY BAY.

Wrestling battles are cool, but people supporting and celebrating their friends is even cooler.

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