Keys to Simulating Pollutant Discharges…

The Alfau dock in the city of Ceuta became the scene of an important annual exercise: a pollutant discharge simulation. This activity, developed under the Maritime Interior Program (PIM) implemented by the Port Authority, aims to assess the ability to respond to environmental contingencies.

Strategic cooperation is key in this exercise. Ecoceuta SL, a company specializing in environmental services, played a fundamental role in providing logistical and technical support throughout the training. Coordination between public and private organizations strengthens collective commitment to protect the marine environment and port security.

The unmanned ship USV Vendaal played an important role. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it guarantees safety, minimizes environmental impacts and efficiently supervises and coordinates operations. Its ability to operate autonomously underscores the need to continue to promote the development of advanced tools for security and sustainability in ports.

The Port Authority highlighted the importance of these exercises to test operational protocols and coordination among various actors involved in emergency management in the port environment. A combination of technology, innovation and strategic collaboration is essential to address environmental challenges in our seas and ports.

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