Jennifer Lopez sends a hidden message in her shirt

A few days from Italy, surrounded by friends with a spectacular appearance Sweet Vita To wish Ben Affleck on his 51st birthday with the cutest video on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez has done nothing but surprise us this summer, but it was in her most recent appearance when she walked through Beverly Hills. She grabbed our attention wearing a sports outfit that sent a powerful message of love.

We could see the singer emphasizing her impressive curves with some black leggings she wore. Shoes Multi-colored Nike, and a bag type shopkeeper Also available in different colors. As flashy as any of these items may seem, it’s her T-shirt that really caught our eye, as she decided to wear a basic white short-sleeved design. pWe can read the romantic phrase of the Persian poet Rumi: „You are the soul of the universe and your name is love” (from English „You are the soul of the universe and your name is love.”

Although the phrase appears to be part of a religious poem written by the poet (who has been a scholar of Islam and the Koran throughout her life), we take into account all the times we’ve seen Jennifer Lopez publicly declare her love. You husband may have picked up this phrase as a new term of endearment.

The fact is, she is not the first or only personality to publicly co-opt a verse from Rumi. Coldplay singer in his day, Chris Martin, after divorcing Gwyneth Paltrow, said that his life changed completely after reading this great thirteenth-century literary figure. He is also the best-selling poet in the United States. Other celebrities such as Tilda Swinton or Madonna have also declared themselves fans of his subjects and phrases on many occasions. The last of them is, in fact, based on several songs based on Persian poetry. Who will restore part of Rumi’s works? While we wait for the answer, let’s keep thinking that Jennifer Lopez is dedicating this sentence to Ben Affleck…

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