Is Elon Musk right? A scientist uses technology to prove we live in a Matrix-like simulation

Melvin Wobson is behind an experiment that seeks to prove a theory championed by Elon Musk.

The growth of the Internet and other forms of technology has led many to defend a theory that continues to gain power: Simulation theory. In short, this philosophical side believes that life is like a movie Matrix oh Video games like The SimsBecause we all are Part of digital simulation Instead of living in the physical world. And, to the surprise of many, the defenders of this theory have figures like this Elon Musk.

However, as indicated on the French portal Video games A Latest releaseA famous scientist started gathering evidence to prove it Authenticity Behind this option. Melvin WobsonAccording to Gauls, his research is based on Infodynamics, a new trend in how information is processed, stored and transferred in all its forms (for example, numerical data or genetic code). And, with it as a basis, he hopes to provide an answer to the increasingly popular simulation theory.

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By applying the principles of infodynamics to physics, Wobson proposes New law It calls into question the foundations of morality and, therefore, ours understanding of the universe. Therefore, the idea of ​​simulation is related to the concept of „”.Variety”, another theory that maintains that our universe is one of many. So, by drawing parallels, he believes we can be a part computer program It calculates the visible elements to display on the screen.

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In his ideas to deny this option, Wobson raises the question The second law of thermodynamics (Disorder can only increase in a closed system) With an example: Covid Mutations. According to him, the evolution of this virus suggests the opposite, in addition, he assures that these mutations are not random and help. Maintain some balance In the genetic information of the virus. At this time, Wobson's research has no scientific basis, so the theory remains a mere hypothesis.

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