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  • Using advanced analytics, INDIMIN offers online development opportunities, thanks to a set of interconnected applications that allow you to optimize processes in the mining process.

Sustainable productivity is one of the most important challenges for the mining industry today, which is why there are various innovations in this direction. One of them is INDIMIN, whose technology, the digital assistant, focuses on improving the triple impact in this important sector, at the economic, social and environmental level, to reduce the variability of processes. efficiently.

Through its technology and digital services, it provides predictive feedback during daily operations to increase efficiency, security and empowerment in both processes and workgroups.

Alvaro Díaz, co-founder and general manager of INDIMIN, commented that the idea came to fruition during the development of the UAI Master of Innovation, where they discovered a significant gap between the technology implemented in the mine and the operation on the ground. This gap, they observed, had a direct impact on the productivity and variability of processes.

„We saw a unique opportunity to improve people's skills and improve mining operations through team collaboration. The INDIMIN digital assistant was born, designed to improve and ensure consistent results at all stages of the mining operation, from supervisors to field operators,” says Álvaro Díaz.

Advanced analytics play a key role in its solutions, allowing for prioritization of actions, forecasting of mining plans, and identification of patterns that improve operational excellence. This approach is integrated into the company's „Digital Operational Excellence Cycle”, where advanced analytics and the experiences of its teams combine to increase its results, which today has achieved improvements of 43% in individual efficiency and 12% in mine processes in surgery.

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Its founders developed this solution after their experience in the mining industry, which has an intimate understanding of the realities of the sector, which allowed them to focus on reducing variability in processes, improving productivity and promoting safe and efficient work practices.

We have implemented our assistant in various medium and large scale mining operations covering sectors like Iron, Copper, Iodine, Coal and Gold. In these cases, we observed significant improvements in reducing process variability from the third week of implementation. Our support has made it possible to implement the project effectively, restoring 1 to 2 days of production every 60 days and guaranteeing a constant decrease in variations in defined KPIs in conjunction with operations. Currently, our impact extends directly and indirectly to more than 2,000 operators, supervisors and mining operations teams, in the most demanding sites and multinational companies that maintain the highest standards in Chile and abroad,” he commented. Alvaro Diaz.

Local support

As indicated by the Executive Committee, AsterAn accelerator based in Antofagasta, offering acceleration programs with a wide range of companies, has created an interesting collaboration that provides valuable support.

„Aster has been an expert and solid evaluator of our processes, allowing us to make the necessary changes to continuously improve. In addition, we hope that the accelerator will provide greater visibility in Chile's northern macrozone, particularly in Antofagasta. We are already seeing early results and we have started conversations with BHP executives who have recognized the value of our technology, so We hope to continue working with them,” says Alvaro Díaz.

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