’Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny’ Star Mats Mikkelsen Prefers Playing „Loss” Over „Cutie Pie” Characters – Deadline

Mads Mikkelsen stars opposite Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Nazi scientist Dr. Juergen Voller plays the role. The actor recently opened up about the roles he wants to play, choosing to play „losers” and „cutie pie” characters on screen.

„Combining that — doing something authentic and being a pretty bag — I don’t really find that interesting,” Mickelson said. GQ In a recent interview. „I don’t want to be in a corner with hair falling out of your eyes. I’m not. Losers are funny because we know them. You’ve probably been in that position at some point.”

The Danish actor has carved a niche for himself by playing villainous roles in America. Other notable performances include Hannibal Lecter Hannibal Sequel, The Wicked Witch Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and the accountant in Rihanna’s „Pitch Better Have My Money.”

„If nothing else, I’ll definitely do it because it’s fun,” he said of playing villains. „Then I can do whatever I want in Europe.”

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Indiana Jones Director James Mangold praised Mickelson’s acting ability, saying that „the actor inhabits whatever character he is playing with one hundred percent commitment to their perspective.”

„It takes a certain kind of artistic bravery, a fearlessness that Mattes has,” Mangold added. „In all honesty, I think he’s been given 'villain’ roles in movies because he’s too afraid to take them and humanize them.”

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