Hyperconnected hotels to conquer digital tourists

The Easter 2024 This represents an opportunity for hotels to capture the new profile of the digital tourist. Passionate about personalized and highly-connected experiences, he calls for radical change in hotels. In this field, Technology stands as the cornerstone in the orbit of personalization, comfort and performance.. IoT device integration, process automation and artificial intelligence are completely redefining the guest experience.

Softtek highlights that these developments are not the only ones Improve the guest experience By interconnecting services such as room control and temperature control They promote automation of tasks, reduction of environmental impact and increase of safety The market is increasingly focused on customization.

AI and process automation

And not just the integration of AI and process automation Improves functional capacityBut a facility also does More informed and proactive decision-making, indispensable in today's changing environment. These technologies They streamline processes from check-in to check-out, including reservations and inventory managementFreeing up employees to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in analyzing large amounts of data, allowing us to identify trends and customize services according to guests' individual preferences. The Chatbots, for example, provide ongoing support, Answering frequently asked questions and improving customer experience.

Adopting IoT in the hospitality industry not only promises greater personalization and convenience to guests, but is also a step towards sustainability and energy efficiency.. By better managing energy consumption, hotels can reduce their footprint, improve their operating costs and meet the challenge of being environmentally friendly in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

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Reduce IoT costs and deliver a better guest experience

He The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of devices with embedded sensors, software, and other technologies. Connect to other devices on the Internet. These are capable of sending, receiving and communicating with each other. With them, the hotel industry can save costs and provide a better experience to its guests in an era marked by hyper-personalization.

The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) in hotels has significant advantages that strengthen their competitiveness and customer satisfaction:

  1. A personalized experience: Data collection allows us to learn more about users' preferences. Through the use of IoT, hotels can detect ideal room temperatures or guests' eating habits, allowing them to improve room layouts or make more accurate recommendations.
  2. AutomationThe Internet of Things can be used to automate routine tasks such as check-in or check-out, or inventory control. Thus, employees can free up a portion of their time and devote themselves to providing customer-winning service.
  3. Minimizing environmental impact: Hotels can use technology to avoid energy wastage in their facilities. For example, lighting can be adjusted based on occupancy time and temperature can be controlled. This reduces costs and benefits the environment.
  4. Security: Motion sensors, cameras, and access controls are devices capable of providing convenience to both guests and employees in close proximity to hotels.

Rafael Conde del Pozo, Director of Business Development, Strategy and Innovation at Softtek EMEA, explains: „IoT has the potential to transform all industries. This is also happening in the hospitality sector. With this technology, hotels can offer guests a personalized, efficient, secure and sustainable experience. As technology advances, ​​IoT will become an indispensable tool in a competitive market with a clear eco-friendly trend.

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