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Presented at CES 2024, these devices are designed to rethink how we interact and live with technology.

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„We are at the most relevant moment in the computing world since the advent of the Internet, and this is due to the rise of artificial intelligence, a technology that will integrate all computers in the future,” predicts CEO Alex Zhou. He attended an event held by HP Personal Systems Division in Palo Alto (California, USA) last November. Dealer World.

Can't tell too soon. The company is taking advantage of the celebration of CES 2024 to present a series of solutions that will „use revolutionary innovations like AI that open up new opportunities for advancement through technology and allow us to personalize our experience like never before.” In the words of Pablo Ugarte, General Manager, HP Personal Systems.

As a start, The 14- and 16-inch HP Specter x360 2-in-1 convertible computers are designed to complement users who expect them to deliver more active and optimized experiences.. Its dedicated AI chip offers built-in security features such as lock/wake when leaving/approaching the computer, and privacy alerts to alert prying eyes. It also integrates adaptive screen settings such as dimming the screen while saving power or regulating the refresh rate for better performance and energy efficiency. Do not forget that they are the first consumer devices to incorporate audio technology from Bali, which allows you to further enhance calls and videos with Windows Studio effects, which provide AI functions such as auto-framing, background blurring and the ability to maintain eye contact. Very attractive links.

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This requires us to add new devices to adapt to our everyday digital experiences, like the Poly Voyager Free 20 wireless headphones, it offers powerful sound and a stylish design; and the HP 960 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard, whose design is based on a split-zone system that adapts to every writing style; the HP 690 Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, a Qi-charging Bluetooth device with six or more programmable buttons that lets you easily connect wirelessly; HP 430 Programmable Wireless Numeric Keypad; HP USB-C Travel Hub G3, including one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, and one HDMI port, includes five essential ports on the laptop with this compact mobile hub; And the HP 400 Backlit Wired Keyboard simplifies the workplace with this spill-resistant and hygienic keyboard.

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