How the Premier League tackles discrimination online

The Premier League is working harder than ever to combat the racism and racial abuse it receives online through its flagship anti-racist campaign.

Since 2020, more than 2,500 incidents of online abuse against Premier League players, their families or staff have been investigated by the Premier League's dedicated team.

See something? Say something

Did you know that in the Premier League fans can report incidents of abuse that they see live?

You can submit a report

The Premier League investigates abuse cases around the world. Unfortunately, the problem persists, and so do our efforts to prevent it.

And for those who think it's acceptable to abuse footballers online, there are serious consequences: these include criminal penalties; banned from clubs; Or you will lose your job.

We have also created simple guides to report any racial abuse directly on the social media platforms they encounter.

Education from an early age

As well as combating racial abuse, the Premier League wants to tackle the problem at root and educate young people about what racism is and its impact on people.

Through the Premier League Primary Stars programme, nearly 11,000 teachers have delivered the No Place for Racism resources, which focus on friendship, racial stereotyping, online abuse and inclusion, to more than 328,000 pupils since the program launched in 2017.

In a recent assessment conducted by EVERFI, 88 per cent of teachers said Premier League Premier Stars helped their pupils to understand more about challenging prejudice and discrimination, and 95 per cent said the project had positively affected their school community.

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The impact of Primary Stars' resources was recognized at the ISC International Sports Awards 2023, where PL Primary Stars won the Education Award, which includes recognition for its work on diversity and inclusion.

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