Here’s where you can see the Aurora Borealis tonight

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Forecasters predict that the geomagnetic storm could cause enough solar activity to create the aurora borealis visible in parts of Canada and the United States on Friday and Saturday nights.

Key facts

Published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warning A G2 geomagnetic storm occurred on Friday, meaning there may be a chance to see the Northern Lights on Friday night due to moderate solar activity.

This G2 geomagnetic storm is likely to cause „moderately intense” disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, and the intensity of the storm may change from low to moderate during the event. According to to NOAA.

Canada has the highest chance of seeing the lights, while the warning says they will be visible in many parts of the continental United States through Saturday night.

Friday night aurora is expected to have index Kp ThreeAs the lights move further from the poles and appear brighter to the viewer, According to to NOAA.

However, auroras are more difficult to predict, and since Friday’s geomagnetic storm was not as strong as the storms that produced vibrant auroras in May, the Friday night lights, if known, will not be significant.

Where are the northern lights visible tonight?

According to NOAA’s warning, although it is difficult for astronomers to pinpoint exactly where the northern lights will be visible, they can be seen as far south as New York, Washington and Wisconsin. Other states in display line These include Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and Maine.

What’s the best way to see the Northern Lights?

Just the lights Very active Between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., the agency advises traveling near the poles, avoiding city lights and other light pollution, monitoring weather forecasts for prime viewing conditions, and finding a position for the best views of the Northern Lights. Like a mountain top. There are smartphone cameras Sufficient sensitivity To take the aurora, even when invisible to the naked eye. Visit IcelandA tourism website for Iceland advises that where lights are often visible, it’s best to turn on night mode to maximize smartphone camera exposure.

Main background

A phenomenon that Solar cycle 25— the cycle the Sun goes through every 11 years — is responsible for the geomagnetic storms that have resulted in recent sightings of the Northern Lights, and which NASA predicts will continue into next year. Cycle 25 Dec. Started in 2019, it is estimated to reach its maximum when activity is expected to peak. July 2025. It is predicted to peak with 115 sunspots, which is where geomagnetic storms form. Although the maximum has yet to occur, the Sun’s activity is busier than scientists expected, so while it’s difficult to predict exactly when these storms will occur, it’s likely that there will be more geomagnetic storms until 2025.


The Northern lights Rods of colored light visible in the night sky was created When particles from the Sun collide with the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds. These particles originate from clouds formed by solar storms on the Sun’s surface, and although most of the particles drift away, some are trapped in Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field deflects these particles to the north or south pole, causing the lights.

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