Here’s how Insomniac Games tried to make a Spider-Man suit for every type of player

The art team at Insomniac Games has one job that everyone loves: working on Spidey’s suits. from the first spider man Modeling the game’s in-game suits on PS4 is „a hot competition” among the studio’s cast of characters, says senior art director Jacinta Chew. Over the course of three games, including the recently launched one Spider-Man 2The team managed to add a large number of unlockable suits Throughout the Spider-Verse An animated film for the Internet’s favorite bodega cat. „That’s the treat,” says Chew, „being able to work in a suit.”

However, it was not clear to her from the beginning. Chev says it’s not up to scratch spider man Realizing how much different versions of Spidey meant to people, players started posting photos of their favorite costumes. „Some people grew up reading a certain comic or watching a certain movie, and now they say, 'That’s my Spider-Man,'” he explains. “That’s where I started to realize how loyal fans are to a Spider-Man. Because of that, we try to be very respectful in recreating those costumes in the game.

(She was surprised by the response to Spider-Cat in particular: „Man, people loved that cat. Obviously, we brought it back. Hopefully there will be more cats in the future.”)

Spider-Man 2 Featuring many returning suits, along with some brand new ones. It also includes two different characters as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales (who had his own spinoff in 2020) are playable. That means there are many more possible suits to choose from when deciding what to feature in the sequel. According to Siew, the main goal is to provide breadth. The suits involve pulling from different places – comics, movies and Insomniac divides into three categories – but with a variety of styles.

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Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

„Sometimes we’re like, 'We really want to get something covered,'” says Chew. „We want to get different materials, shades, even headgear; If he wears a hoodie or a helmet or a mask. Hopefully we’ll get enough variety so people can find something they like. Because it is impossible to please everyone.

„You can recognize the character by looking at it.”

Some potential cases are rejected for technical reasons; Others need to be tweaked or modified to work in the game. You can wear the suits at any time during the game and since they are shown in most scenes, they should all support the same animations and features like Peter’s mechanical arms or the new webwings that allow players to glide around New York City. Many new features had to be added just for the game. „There are some suits — for example, the Agent of SHIELD suit that Miles wears — that traditionally don’t have a mask at all,” Chew says. „So we had to design a mask for that suit that would technically work for us.”

Another challenge was making sure Peter and Miles were distinguishable from each other. “No matter the genre, you can look at it and identify with the character,” explains VP and creative director Bill Roseman. At Marvel Games. There are some obvious physical differences between the two—Miles is a bit slimmer than Peter, and his webswinging style is a little more erratic—but, according to Sevin, the main difference comes in their personalities.

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Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

„What’s really great about Peter and Miles is that they’re at different points in their lives,” she says. „So their views are different.” For Miles, more youthful clothes and more emphasize his background and love of music. (A personal favorite is the „City Sounds” suit, which makes Miles look like he’s stepped out of a 1920s jazz concert — complete with a Spider-Man mask under his fedora.) Peter’s look, meanwhile, mostly taps into a long history. Comics and movies.

During this time, he collaborated with several artists, including Insomniac Peach Momoko And Clark’s insistence, to create unique costumes just for the game. The ultimate goal, again, is to try to offer something for every type of player. For Chew, although she has a variety of options, she mostly uses one specific suit: the „advanced” one introduced in the original game. Because, like many fans, it’s something very personal to him.

„The first time I played the first game, I played in an advanced suit,” says Chew. „And I’m still playing in an improvised costume because it’s really there N case.”

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