Health will allocate 3.3 million for high-tech equipment, absorbent clothing and hygiene improvements – Spain

The Governing Council of the Board approved this Thursday the implementation of a new Interventional Vascular Radiology Group at the University Medical Hospital of Valladolid at a cost of 1,392,900 euros. 700,000 euros for the Salamanca University Care Campus and for care improvements in the hospital and primary care emergencies in El Pierso.

For the Ávila Healthcare Complex, the pathological anatomy service includes the supply, installation and commissioning of two bright field scanners for the digitization of images for the primary diagnosis of specimens, totaling 592,900 euros.

The agreement aims to digitize histological specimens in the pathology anatomy service, which will improve processes, improve patient safety and improve quality and continuity, as well as collaborative network work.

800,000 euros have been allocated to the University Medical Hospital of Valladolid for the supply, installation and commissioning of interventional vascular radiology equipment for the radiodiagnostic service.

Absorbent clothing

The Council of Government also approved the cost of 1,188,071 euros and a two-year execution period from the Regional Health Administration for the supply of post-surgical absorbent hemostatic dressings to the Salamanca University Care Complex.

Through this contract, which extends until 2025, ordinary consumables, especially post-operative absorbent hemostatic dressings for protection and adjustment, are procured to meet the care needs in the daily activities carried out in the various services of the Salamanca Care Complex.

This dressing can be made of cellulose, hyaluronic acid, gelatin, collagen, starch, in the form of a compress or pad, an adhesive strip, etc.

Care improvements

The Council of Government has approved spending a total of 687,150 euros on the installation of a clean room in the pharmacy service of El Pierso Hospital and the renovation and expansion of the Continuous Care Point (PAC) of the Ponferrada II Health Center.

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361,650 euros will be invested in the renovation of the Point of Continuity of Care (PAC) of the Ponferrada II Health Center, financed by the Primary Care Infrastructure Development Program (MINAP). With this reform, the implementation period of 70 days is to achieve functional uniformity of PAC and to achieve greater convenience for patients and professionals.

Currently, outpatient emergencies are attended to in the space within the health center, and the project consists of the construction of a new one-story block that is integrated and connected to the existing building, especially in the courtyard.

To adapt this surface to the existing spaces, some rooms, consultation rooms and internal circulations need to be renovated so that a functional space can be achieved.

The renovation is designed to house the following units that make up the PAC: access and control, four general consultations, two nursing consultations, living room/office custodians, adapted toilets and waiting areas.

The second investment in El Pierso covers a cost of 325,500 euros and will consist of the supply, installation and commissioning of a clean room in the pharmacy service of the El Pierso hospital. This infrastructure is intended to minimize microbial contamination as much as possible and maintain controlled environmental conditions.

By establishing a clean room, the objective is to have adequate space for sterile compounds (parenteral nutrition, complex intravenous compounds, intraocular injections, ophthalmic formulations, etc.) with maximum assurance of quality and meeting current standards. and security. , for patients and service staff.

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