Harry Styles was jailed after his stalker sent him 8,000 cards

image caption, Two letters were delivered to Harry Styles' address, the court heard

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A woman who stalked Harry Styles has been jailed and banned from watching his performances.

Myra Carvalho, 35, sent the singer 8,000 cards within a month, Harrow Crown Court was told.

He was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to the stalking charge on Tuesday.

Carvalho was also given a 10-year restraining order and told she can't attend any event Styles performs at.

Carvalho, who is from Brazil, sent the 30-year-old singer handwritten letters while he was in England and ordered a series of cards for him online which were sent to his address, the court previously heard.

Some of the 8,000 cards sent included wedding cards and two letters hand-delivered to Mr Style's address, prosecutors said.

After arriving in England in December, Carvalho stayed at a backpacking hostel in Earls Court, west London, court documents show.

The court was told that his family did not know he had traveled to the country.

Sitting at Hendon Magistrates' Court in London, Carvalho pleaded guilty to a subsequent charge of aggravated alarm or distress at Harrow Crown Court.

A court official said he was ordered not to contact Stiles directly or indirectly and not to enter the north-west London area described in the court order.

A victim surcharge of £134 must be paid.

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